Welcome Aboard the Salty Old Dog

We Help Businesses Stand Out in the Sea of Competition.

We're a full service production house.

We make branded content & commercials through strategy to help you connect with your desired audience.


The Salty Old Dogs

A Salty old dog is an experienced, cigar smoking hound who helps you stand out in the sea of competition.

-Meet the team you'll set sail with.

Smooth Sailing

An arm & Leg

Meet the Team

It all starts with curiosity. We're curious about your business & what you're trying to get done. Before we get the cameras out, we want to pick your brain to learn the why behind your video. To do this, we sit down for a day with you and run strategy to find insights about your customers and the challenges you're solving. That info is then the compass which guides the creative decisions we make.

We run a small crew that doesn't charge an arm and leg, so you won't be walking around with a peg for a leg and a hook for a hand.


Put a Message in a Bottle

Or just send us an email. We'll jump on a phone call & talk about your goals.


Charting the Course

You don’t go on a journey without a direction. We’ll run strategy, identifying your target audience, finding your cost per acquisition, and defining what you want to communicate. We'll use this as the compass that directs the creative decisions we make to create your video.


Charting the Course

The logistics. Here we do all the planning to make the shoot run smoothly. Locations, gathering crew, finding bathrooms, and choosing craft services. The film is truly made in preproduction.


All Hands on Deck

Lights. Camera. Action! The crew is assembled. The ship has sailed.



Reaching the Destination

The film is finished. The voyage is complete. Now it's time to roll it out to the world for your customers to see.


Ready to Set Sail?


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